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When Vandana Bali opens her mouth, people listen. Her vocal range is astounding and the material she chooses to cover reflects her taste for stage musicals (ask her how many times she’s seen “Wicked”) and pop star/activist Olivia Newton John. At Saturday night’s performance at Martuni’s, Vandana offered up a fair share of those influences, while adding other noteworthy numbers including Hoagy Carmichael’s “The Newness of You” (my favorite of the night), and Carole King’s timeless “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow”. A Vandana Bali performance is such a treat. She knows how to truly dig deep into the heart of a song and wring out every meaningful note. Accompanied by the excellent Nick Perez on piano, Vandana even worked up a special tribute to the late rocker Tom Petty. Her version of “The Waiting” was a revelation. Don’t miss Vandana next time she comes around.
Finally able to check out one of Vandana’s shows the other night at Martuni’s. She did not disappoint. Bali focused on Broadway tunes but also threw in a few pop numbers. To that end, while all of her renditions were great, I really loved her cover of Tom Petty’s, “The Waiting.” Still powerful but with a bold new interpretation. Apparently she’s retiring most of her catalog so we can expect a new set list in early February. Simply Brilliant - She’s not to be missed!
What a delightful evening and show, Vandana, at Society Cabaret last Saturday! Your voice and presence is pure elegance and superb strength combined. I am so happy I was able to attend. Keep those wonderful performances coming.
Vandana is well known for her amazing ability with power ballads - huge range, powerful delivery. But it is important not to overlook her rich voice in softer songs. Great depth, warmth, and ability to capture the nuanced mood. Her latest show perfectly showcased both styles. Extremely enjoyable.
Vandana Bali has a voice that matches Barbra Streisand 30 years ago, and add the current range of Celine Dion today. Once Vandana gets the break that she deserves the sky is the limit. My wife ( Susan) and I were fortunate to see Vandana perform last Saturday at Hotel Rex --Society Cabaret 5-13-17.
I heard a lot of buzz about singer Vandana Bali but never had the chance to see her perform until last Sat. at Society Cabaret 5-13-17 and I was blown away by her amazing vocals & stage presence. She burst into the stage with high energy to match her expressive beautiful voice. Love her song choices of such songs as Corner of the sky,, Meadowlark [ my favorite ] that show off her fantastic vocal range. Vandana Bali is a performer who is up & rising fast in the music world.
Vandana needs a bigger venue! Her beautiful voice and infectiuos personality overflowed the room. I keep recommending to everyone they need to see her show. Wow!
I am not especially familiar with show tunes, but Vandana's performance was mesmerizing. She has extraordinary talent - someone who has truly found her calling
Had the best time at Vandana's one-woman Martunis show. Her voice and energy fill the room. It's amazing how effortlessly she can hit all the high notes, all the riffs, and all the pure emotions of a song. She chooses the kinds of songs that you either know and love or can easily fall in love with the first time. Definitely check her out if you have the chance!!
What a great show? You just got yourself a couple of new fans here. Can't wait to see you on your next one.
Great show at Martuni's the other night! Your voice, stage presence, song selection and the pianist made an excellent performance all around. We really enjoyed the evening. Thanks!
Vandana blew the roof off! Man. I'm still hearing "Love Changes Everything" in my head. All night long, she hit high notes I never thought she'd hit. What a star!
Heard Vandana's very soulful and great music last night for the very first time at Martuni's on Valencia St. What a powerhouse! With an amazing voice and great sense of humor. Can't wait to see/hear her again. Thank you Vandana!
Vandana has such an awesome voice! Her range is amazing and she covers such a broad variety of artist and does them each so well...great energy too while performing! You can sense her passion for singing! What a bright future with your vocal talent!! Can't wait to see her perform "live"...
Although I'm not trained to judge voices of they do on celebrity singing competitions, I found that Vandana is one of those very talented and more importantly dedicated singers, who likes to sell her voice rather than songs.....She is an authentic singer. Her voice is comparable to Freddie Mercury....and why wouldn't she. Both are classically trained soulful singers...
I've heard you sing the Then You Look at Me and An Ordinary Day before and the new recordings as just as good (meaning, great!).
Great singing last night. It was inspiring to see you give such enjoyment to the crowd, who responded with obvious happiness and enthusiasm. John
Hi Vandana, I bought "Power of Love" from iTunes. I was amazed/devastated by the power and precision of your voice. Words don't really describe how I felt. I wish you a very happy new year. I would love to know if you will be performing in the Bay Area in 2007. Please let me know how I can find that out. I would enjoy seeing you again, and especially hearing your elegant voice, in person. -Steve
I attended your performance December 9th at Martuni's and just want to thank you for such a wonderful show. It truly enhances the spirit and vitality of the Holiday Season. Your power ballads are very moving and full of imagery and feeling delivered in a style which is very classy and elegant - your show was a joy!
hey just listened to some of your clippets FANTASTIC stuff girl - you have an amazing clarity in your voice.. all the best with your career - by the sounds of it you don't need any luck :O)
Vandana, You are just terrific. Your voice quality, pitch, presentation and charm is amazing. Kudos to the brilliant effort and perseverence. You are already going places!! Wish you the best in your endeavours. The stuff you are doing is just great!
just got your website link from mohyal group. listened to your slips....sensational wow you have a very very smooth velvety voice with "tarranum" at its best. god bless you wish you all the best...want to see you on the top of charts..
May 6th: Hope you had a terrific birthday to match a great set. All the best to a wonderful entertainer/singer and friend.
Great show on May 6th. You sang beautifully and it was a privilege to be able to participate.
You're a real "pro," Vandana, & a charming, kind person, as well. Peace & love, Houston
Really enjoyed your show last weekend, not just the songs but the amusing stories you told between them. A memorable evening.
Your singing at this past Saturday's show (May 6 '06 at Martuni's) was absolutely the best I've ever heard you, in 12 years of listening!
I've always heard so much about your music from Kavita. Looks like you are going for it! Congrats on the new cd and Sat's performance! Ruth P.S. You web site looks good!
I like the updated Web site, Vandana! Great pics.
you have a great voice n i fell in love with all the songs..esp with LOVE CHANGES EVERYTHING.
Vandana, My sister Katie forwarded the website. I lived directly across the street from you on Montclair Dr! Wishing you the best and much success. Peggy
Dear Vandana, It was good to meet you on Thanksgiving! I wish you well with your new album. Tell Jim if he's any kinda guy, he could get copies for Ed and me for Christmas. All the best!! Dick
Congratulations! Looking forward to seeing you at the Release Party.
Congrats Vandana! I'll c-ya at the CD Release Party!!
I like the new site, Vandana...congrats on the completion of your second album - looking forward to it, and the party. ~Matt

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