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Save-the-Date: Next Cabaret Show - August 19 in SF @Martuni's


I'm excited to announce my next cabaret show will be on Saturday, August 19 at 7 pm (6:30 pm doors).  I am over-the-moon honored to work with Alan Choy on piano!  Ticket sales start in late May.  

Fabulous May 13 "Love Changes Everything Show" at Society Cabaret!


I am so incredibly grateful for having such a lovely audience for my "Love Changes Everything" show on May 13 at Society Cabaret!  Tom Shaw was truly incredible on piano and I am thankful that we had the chance to work together!  You can see candid photos from before and after the show on my Facebook music page. We performed an 80 minute set which included 14 songs and lots of jokes and banter!


Set list:

1. The Wizard and I (Wicked)

2.  When He Shines 

3. The Greatest Love of All (Whitney Houston)

4. Meadowlark (The Baker's Wife)

5. I Dreamed a Dream (Les Miserables)

6. Corner of the Sky (Pippin)

7. The Power of Love (Celine Dion)

8. Somewhere That's Green (Little Shop of Horrors)

9. As if We Never Said Goodbye (Sunset Boulevard)

10. Always Starting Over (If/Then)

11. Love Changes Everything (Aspects of Love)

12. For Good (Wicked)

13. I Have Nothing (Whitney Houston)


14. One Moment in Time (Whitney Houston)

Another Birthday Open Mic at Martuni's wth Joe Wicht on the 88's!


I admit that I come to Martuni's almost every year on my actual birthday (May 6) to sing my heart out, share cake or cupcakes with folks and have a fun time!  I had a blast singing so many songs that I will sing for you at my May 13 show at Society Cabaret with Tom Shaw on piano!  TICKETS are on sale today!  Buy early for best seats and prices!

Great Curtain Call Open Mic with Barry Lloyd and Bill Cooper!


I love the first Friday of every month because I get to sing a song or two at Barry and Bill's Curtain Call open mic hosted by Society Cabaret inside The Hotel Rex.  This month, I sang Then You Look at Me and Unexpected Song - both are available on my Live: One Moment in Time CD!  I am looking forward to having my May 13 "Love Changes Everything" show here with Tom Shaw on piano!  TICKETS are on sale today!  Buy early for best seats and prices.  

Another Great Tuesday Open Mic with Alan and Dina at Martuni's!


What a fun evening!  My friend Bill in from the East Coast met me at Martuni's to hear me sing!  Alan and Dina were in fine form as always and there were so many great singers on hand to entertain us all: Jess, Danny, Nicole, Courtney and Matt!  I had fun singing a Broadway song and power ballad - both of which I'll sing on May 13 at Society Cabaret in my "Love Changes Everything" show.  I hope you can come!  Click here for tickets.  Use the drop down menu for various ticket prices. See you at the show!

VIDEO: A cappella rendition of Gershwin's "Summertime": 2006 NYC Show @Don't Tell Mama


Here's my a cappella arrangement of Gershwin's Summertime from my show at Don't Tell Mama in NYC. It's influenced by versions by Sarah Vaughan and Ella Fitzgerald. It was 98 degrees that summer day in NYC and I was so happy that 70 people showed up on a Sunday night to see an unknown singer from San Francisco! Hoping to see 70 smiling faces on May 13 at Society Cabaret for my local show!

Sunday Open Mic at Martuni's was Fabulous!


Sunday open mics with the amazing Bern Prince on piano is always fun.  So many excellent singers attended last night including Jessie, Russell, Tom, Jennifer and a fabulous lady who nailed Sia's Titanium!  The Les Miz theme early in the evening culminated in a fabulous sing along.  Martuni's is known for sing along's and, while they are always memorable,  they are even more memorable when everyone is an A caliber singer!  I love meeting so many new musicians: Eryn, Urvi, Geovany, Praggya and Kristen!  

Friday Open Mic at Martuni's with Joe Wicht on the 88's!


Wow!  This was one for the books!  Joe Wicht is an amazing pianist, musical director and overall super guy!  He challenged so many talented singers to sing new songs and we all had a fabulous time!  I love the early open mic and loved hearing and seeing my friends Austin, Richard, Charles, Jesse and meeting Kirsten!  There were even more wonderful singers!  I look forward to next Friday!

May 13 Society Cabaret Show with Tom Shaw on Piano!


I am so excited as I prep my May 13 "Love Changes Everything" show with Tom Shaw!  I love singing songs about love, hope and determination.  Let's face it, there's a lot going on today and, for me, music is a way to help lighten and brighten up my mood and hopefully yours.  Take some time on Saturday, May 13 and come join as we perform songs from Wicked, Les Miz, Pippin, Little Shop of Horrors, Sunset Boulevard, Aspects of Love, If/Then and my signature Celine Dion and Whitney Houston classic power ballads.  PS - it's my birthday concert so come help me ring in 26 all over again!  Thank you for helping to keep live music going in San Francisco.  I appreciate it. CLICK HERE TO BUY TICKETS.  Buy early for $30 tickets/best seats.  No food/drink minimums.  Tickets prices are more expensive and limited at the door.  We hope to see you on May 13!

Friday Open Mic at Martuni's


It's so much fun coming here for the cocktail open mic with Ben Prince and then staying for a short while when Joseph Magdalena takes over the 88's!  I had a great time catching up with Austin, Charles, Heikki, Maria and new friends Jeremy, Maddy and Ulises!  I sang a lot of show stopping show tunes along with my signature power ballads that went over really well with the happy crowd!  

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