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12th Open Mic of 2018 (Martuni's)

My goodness!  It rained cats and dogs and sheep and goats and everything else today!  I had to bundle up in rain paints, rain coat, rain boots, a hat and an umbrella in order to stay dry!  It was worth it. Martuni's was PACKED at 5:40 pm!  I got one of the last seats (BTW - I didn't get MY seat for the first time in forever and was like, where do I sit)?  Rest easy - by 6:15, I had my seat!  And, life could go on.  Anyhow, I had a blast singing probably too many songs (most of the folks there weren't singers and were there to drink) but, when I'm that close to a microphone, you better believe I'm going to sing!  I sang these songs with Ben Prince on the keys throughout the night: Meadowlark, Skylark, Magic, One Moment in Time, How Do I Live, (Trisha Yearwood version), Almost Over You and The Wizard and I.  

I normally leave at 8:30 pm.  But, it was raining so hard, so i stayed an extra hour and got to sing Defying Gravity with Joe Wicht on the keys!  Hope you all stay dry! 

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