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Fabulous May 13 "Love Changes Everything Show" at Society Cabaret!

I am so incredibly grateful for having such a lovely audience for my "Love Changes Everything" show on May 13 at Society Cabaret!  Tom Shaw was truly incredible on piano and I am thankful that we had the chance to work together!  You can see candid photos from before and after the show on my Facebook music page. We performed an 80 minute set which included 14 songs and lots of jokes and banter!


Set list:

1. The Wizard and I (Wicked)

2.  When He Shines 

3. The Greatest Love of All (Whitney Houston)

4. Meadowlark (The Baker's Wife)

5. I Dreamed a Dream (Les Miserables)

6. Corner of the Sky (Pippin)

7. The Power of Love (Celine Dion)

8. Somewhere That's Green (Little Shop of Horrors)

9. As if We Never Said Goodbye (Sunset Boulevard)

10. Always Starting Over (If/Then)

11. Love Changes Everything (Aspects of Love)

12. For Good (Wicked)

13. I Have Nothing (Whitney Houston)


14. One Moment in Time (Whitney Houston)

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  • August 19, 2017
    Martuni's Piano Bar ,  San Francisco, CA

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