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A Quiet Month

Hi folks, I have been sick with a really bad cough for most of August so I've had a lot of time to reflect this month. Singing provides an outlet for self-expression for me so I've been out of sorts a bit from not being able to sing. I've taken this time to learn a few new songs. I'm looking forward to sharing the new songs with you all soon! Take care, Vandana

Back at Martuni's

Hi, My number #1 male fan showed up tonight at Martuni's and cheered me on as I sang several songs (The Nearness of You, Love Changes Everything, As if We Never Said Goodbye). I was worried about how I would sound given that I just got over a nasty bout of laryngitis but he said that my voice sounded warm, rich and personable. :-) As always, the super-talented Houston Allred entertained everyone with his piano playing and catchy interpretations of every song you could imagine. You have to check him out if you haven't seen him yet. I also announced my Plush Room show and handed out a gazzilion flyers. I want a SOLD-OUT HOUSE for my Plush Room debut show on Sunday, October 1st at 7pm so please help me spread the word and please join me and my outrageoulsy talented musical director, Victoria Theodore (currently playing for Teatro Zinzanni here in San Francisco). Thanks! Vandana

Post Laryngitis Night Out Singing at Martuni's


Just heading out for a few songs to get back in the game after a nasty summer bout of laryngitis so come on out and have some fun.

My First Professional Review!!

Hi! I am so excited and so very thankful to Stu Hamstra of for his lovely review of my "The Power of Love" cabaret show in New York City on Sunday, July 9, 2006. You can check it out in the Press section and on the homepage. Woo hoo! So cool! Thank you very, very much Stu!! Thanks! Vandana

NYC Show Update and PLUSH ROOM Date

Hi! NEW YORK CITY SHOW UPDATE Wow! I wanted to let you all know that I had a wonderful show last Sunday, July 9th at Don?t Tell Mama in New York City. Thanks to all of you enthusiastic folks who showed up on that hot, humid evening and cheered me on during my one hour show. I had the show videotaped (thanks Jim Vern!) and hope to have short clips up soon. Thanks, also, to those of you who bought CD's :-) I'll plan to head back East to do more shows this fall. Thanks to Kavita, Aparna, Todd, Chris, Rakesh, Sydney, Bill, Dred, Randy, Adam, Jeff, Jann, Jason, Terese, Jim, Nivi, Mom, Dad, Sylvia, Mike StJ, Anke and Mike O for all of your help - I could not have made this happen without your creative ideas and support. Set list: 1. Love Changes Everything 2. Being Alive 3. Someone to Watch Over Me 4. God Bless the Child 5. Meadowlark 6. The Nearness of You 7. The Power of Love 8. Summertime 9. When He Shines 10. With You 11. As If We Never Said Goodbye 12. (Encore) Then You Look at Me THE EMPIRE PLUSH ROOM: TICKET PURCHASE LINK I am very excited to announce my debut show at --The Empire Plush Room in San Francisco (at the York Hotel) --SUNDAY, OCTOBER 1st at 7pm --"The Power of Love: An Evening of Standards, Broadway and Power Ballads" Tickets are available now (for all of your early-bird planners like me) for $20 at ($25 at the door). Please help me spread the word about this show by forwarding the ticket link to your friends, colleagues and family throughout the Bay Area. Victoria Theodore will once again rock the keys for me on piano, Thank you! Vandana

Octavia Lounge AND Martuni's

OK, So, I apparently really needed to sing A LOT tonight - eight songs! I started off ever so innocently at the Octavia Lounge around 7pm. I have to say that Bill Cooper and Barry Lloyd totally ROCK! If you like talent, then you need to come out to the next open mike they'll host on Sunday, July 2nd. I'll be there and will be singing songs to get ready for my debut show in New York City on July 9th at 7pm at "Don't Tell Mama" - 343 W 46th Street - 212-757-0788 (reservations). I sang five songs throughout the course of the night: -On My Own -When He Shines -Love Changes Everything -Then You Look At Me -The Power of Love Barry Lloyd was simply amazing both as a performer and as a pianist for all of us singers! I LOVED his accompaniement on all the songs I sang but his interpretation on "Love Changes Everything" and "The Power of Love" so moved me that I felt like piano and voice perfectly melded together. Thank you, Barry! It was wonderful to see Ellen, Valerie, Marilyn, Maria, Bob and Bruce and very nice to meet Linda! Thanks, also, to my new friend Dennis for showing up and then heading over to Martuni's with me where Katy rocked the keys! This lady can sing and play! At Martuni's, I sang -God Bless the Child -Saving All My Love for You (a Whitney Housoton song requested by that nice guy sitting at the piano. I had never sung this song before but I had a lot of fun!) -I Will Say Goodbye What a fun night! Take care, Vandana

Working on Some New Material

Hi, Back at Martuni's last night with my friend John to work on a few new songs before the July NYC show and also sang a few favorites. As always, this place is a lot of fun on any night of the week. Take care, Vandana

Great Open Mike at the Octavia Lounge

Hi, Once again, I had a blast at the bi-monthly open mike at the Octavia Lounge. Barry Lloyd and Bill Cooper host a wonderful night of song. There were so many talented singers this evening! Come on out to the next one on June 18th (father's day). I sang "As If We Never Said Goodbye" and "Then You Look at Me" - neither are available on either of my CD's :-) Take care, Vandana

Another Saturday Night Singing at Martuni's

Hi, Just showed up again for a fun night and sang three songs. Thanks to Mike from DC for hanging out tonight. Katy Stephan was amazing on piano - you should go out and check her out sometime - great voice, great pianist! I sang "Love Changes Everything", "The Power of Love" and "Being Alive." I can't wait to sing my heart out at my cabaret debut show in New York City on July 9th at 7pm :-)

Octavia Lounge Open Mike

Hi! I was so glad that it didn't rain on us (me and my friend Mike) during Bay to Breakers this morning. I decided to thank the weather gods and sing for them (anyone catch the reference from one of my songs????) . OK, it's late and I'm punchy :-) I sang at the bi-monthly Octavia Lounge Open Mike tonight for the first time. It's regularly hosted by the super, duper talented pianist, singer, actor and coach Barry Lloyd and Mr. Sassy himself, Bill Cooper. What a fun night! Loads of talented local singers sang wonderful songs in such a lovely dinner lounge. It was so nice to see so many familiar faces (Ellen, Tess, Marylin, Valerie, Bob, Bruce) and to meet so many new folks (Tino, Carly, Bill, Barry)! I sang -Love Changes Everything (from my new "Power of Love" CD) -Then You Look at Me (NEW SONG, new song, can we say new song?) -With You (title track from my first CD and a song I hadn't performed live since 1988!) Please come on by to the next one on Sunday, June 4th from 6:30pm - 10:30pm. Check out my calendar section for details and bring your friends out for a wonderful evening of songs we all love performed by an amazing group of local cabaret performers :-) Take care, Vandana

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