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Vandana's New CD is Almost Here!!

Hi, I'm very excited to let you know that my second CD, "The Power of Love," will be available for purchase in late October 2005. It's most easily described as a CD of power ballad torch songs (think: Barbara Streisand, Patti LuPone and Celine Dion meet Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday). I'm very proud to have worked with such wonderful musicians and an amazing co-producer, Steve Goodie, to complete this album over a weekend in Santa Monica. Now, I'm in the process of getting the cover photo shot and all the other fun stuff involved with producing a CD. Song clips will be up in early September 2005. Thank you for your support! Vandana

Martuni's Monthly Song Circle

Hi, Mom - thanks for making me go out to this open mike today. It was so nice to have you there to hear me sing "Meadowlark" and "Not While I'm Around." Take care, Vandana

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