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Easter Sunday Open Mic at Martuni's

What do San Franciscans do on Easter Sunday?  Sing, sing, sing!  What a night!  The amazing Ben Prince rocks the piano on Sunday nights! We had some serious talent in the room: Jennifer, Chris, Sean, Jason, Jesse and his talented man Danny, Courtney, Charles, Mary Anne and even Katia stayed and blew us all away after her monthly Sunday show (that I plan to see in May)!  The cast of Anything Goes was also there!  What a fun night!  I sang a new song from If/Then "What the F*&k" - sometimes, you have to sing that song.  I also sang two songs that I'll perform at my May 13 "Love Changes Everything" show at Society Cabaret.  I hope you can come!  

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  • May 5, 2017
    Curtain Call Open Mic ,  San Francisco, CA


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